August 5, 2021


The daily Gadyal is  widely read Urdu daily. It was established in 2000  by Arshid Rasool

 the paper has strived hard to spread information and awareness. It has worked with Governments to take the public agenda forward, hence welfare schemes were publicized to the fullest extent. At the same time, public grievances too were highlighted so that the Government took note.

 Apart from it, the paper is one of the most respected and trusted dailies of the State. With its unbiased and authentic news, IThe daily gadyal has carved a niche of its own. With its ‘closer to the community’ approach, The daily Gadyal is known even to the non Urdu communities as well.

While Daily Gadyal has about half a million readers spread across the state, there are thousands of readers who read the paper online. Most of such readers are NRIs who live abroad for either employment or business.

Over the years The daily Gadyal has progressed by leaps and bounds.

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