• July 4, 2022

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May 10, 2022

AR Bhat

Indian national flag has always been a symbol of peace, harmony and Devotion. It is a mark of hope and bonding for the people of our country. Its importance surely can’t be undermined. Recently a wave of patriotism has been observed in the Valley. This feeling of love for the country is quite commonly seen when local artesian are making our Tricolour and spreading it across the Valley. Celebration of Independence Day and Republic day in school’s and educational institutes of Kashmir has gained a climacteric which has been achieved by dedicated service to the nation by our security forces.

The fluttering of our National Flag on the very famous Lal Chowk clearly shows that this seed of patriotism has already been planted in the hearts and mind of the people of Valley. People today are more Educated and are more dedicated to make their parents and their country proud. Women in Kashmir have contributed remarkably since starting, be it the World famous first ever Women militia, who took up arms for the freedom of there country or be it Kashmir girls like Tajamul Islam & Sadia Tariq winning laurels for our country and making our tricolour fly high.

Never before in 75 years of unrest it has been possible that Kashmir valley have so many tricolours been seen fluttering proudly and magnanimously in the Kashmir air beckoning to the people of the Valley to give up their unnecessary reluctance of being called proud Indian and being truly integrated and bonded with their nation, India. Article 370 had surely given J&K the right to its own unbiased Constitution and its own national flag. While it was observed in the past, the National Flag and the state flag were always to fly together many a time only the state flag flew. Now we can observe with Article 370 amended only the National Flag can fly on state buildings, institutions, schools or at private places with full dignity and pride accorded as per the Flag Code of Indian Constitution. There is a refreshing and patriotic new spirit in the air this Independence Day and Republic Day when the National Flag is finding a new narrative and respect all over Kashmir Valley. The necessity of this chance has been felt to give the necessary impetus and much needed authenticity to the programme and aim to restore more dignity to the people afflicted by proxy conflict and negative powers.

The outreach and engagement process in Kashmir, alongside the daily interactions with the common man are all given a dedicated focus if held in the shadow of our National Flag. Before Aug 5, 2019 there was a lot of resistance towards hoisting the Tricolour and we were magnanimous to accept the absence of the national symbol, our National Flag. However, the everyday viewing of the symbol of Bonding by citizens promotes a different perception of appreciation for the values and culture symbolised by our National Flag. There is big need to continue and promote this moment because it has a remarkable impact in bringing all the people under the same umbrella of protection and love for the country. It surely provides a scene of belongingness and integrity. Promotion of the same moment across the Valley in all the schools, institutions and even in small shops or malls, will surely bless our Valley with a happy and a cheerful environment.