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Jan 18, 2022

In the month of February 2021, both India and Pakistan agreed to observe ceasefire in LOC. It all
started with the discussions between the DGMOs of both India and Pakistan sometime before the
announcement via joint statement stating that strict ceasefire along all the sectors of LOC will be
observed from the midnight of 24/25 February 2021. However, the present ceasefire agreement is
unlike the previous one of year 2003 which was a signed one but it carries almost equal or more
significance considering the changed reality of Jammu and Kashmir.
After abrogation of article 370 and 35A on 05 August 2019, which is considered as a step towards
bringing the Jammu and Kashmir into to Indian mainstream and strengthening its ties with the
mainland, the ceasefire agreement along all sectors of LOC is seen as another win for the Indian
government and Indian army as well. There has been a rapid increase in the efforts to bring
sustained peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir and present ceasefire agreement can benefit
the efforts made by all forms of government, army and even by local population of the region.
However, such ceasefire agreements are very fragile and can be easily overlooked in case of any
escalation or unforeseen circumstances along the LOC. Therefore, a robust mechanism of
established hotline contact and flag meetings has been strengthened by both the sides which can be
optimally utilized in case of any untoward incident along the LOC to settle the issue and grievances
raised by any of the sides. Local population of Jammu and Kashmir especially the ones living in the
villages near LOC has welcomed this decision as this is surely going to bring a hope for stability and
normalcy along the LOC as well as in the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir. Political leaders across
all factions of the entire Jammu and Kashmir has also hailed the decision as a benchmark and even
some are considering it as first step towards the arrival of stability and normalcy in Jammu and
Recent incidents of 2 use of small size drones against Indian Armed Forces establishments to inflict
loss of life has however raised concerns about the future of the ongoing ceasefire along the LOC.
Some reports even indicate the operation of such small size drones from across the LOC which
present the dilemma on uncertain future of present ceasefire agreement. Recent targeted killings of
civilians especially of those belonging to minority communities in Kashmir valley presents the perfect
case of frustration prevalent amongst the terrorist’s organizations operating in the valley. It further
signifies the outstanding achievement of our armed forces to effectively limit the menace of cross
border infiltration ultimately leading to rise in terrorists activities to its minimum level in the last
decade. Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan
since 25 February 2021 were seen as the catalysts which can increase the cross border infiltration to
an all time high however, the dedication and professionalism displayed by the armed forces in
safeguarding our borders have kept the number of infiltration attempts to an all time low. The
terrorists organizations operating from Pakistan administered Jammu and Kashmir did manage to
infiltrate across line of control in Jammu regions of Poonch and Rajouri districts of Jammu region
taking advantage of the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan and inflicted considerable
casualties to our security forces. Recent targeted attacks against Jammu and Kashmir police in and

around Srinagar and also in Rajouri district of Jammu region seems to be another last ditch attempt
made by the terrorist’s organizations.
Various successful visits of a number of Union Cabinet ministers as well as by the international
diplomats delegations from G-20 countries restores the fact that normalcy is now prevalent in
Kashmir valley and the same is being appreciated as well as welcomed by the local population of
Kashmir valley. Successful visit by the de-limitation commission formed by the Election Commission
of India in order to carry out the long awaited de-limitation activity in the region before restoration
of statehood of Jammu and Kashmir by the Union Government was welcomed across all factions of
political parties as well as by the local population of the region. Major infrastructure projects were
undertaken to improve the surface communication in the region as well as to build all weather road
connectivity to link the Kashmir valley with rest of the country by constructing Jawahar tunnel and
Ramban – Banihal tunnel in stipulated time frame. In addition to the above mentioned projects, Zoji-
la tunnel which will provide all weather connectivity between Srinagar, Kargil and Ladakh region
being constructed at an exemplary pace shows the positive intent of Union government towards
building a naya Kashmir. The unprecedented pace at which the development of Jammu-Srinagar
railway line is undergoing shows the resolve of Union government towards the development of
Kashmir valley.
India as a nation is surely winning the kinetic war in the region of Jammu and Kashmir by making
significant progress in bringing real and sustainable development to the region. The initiatives that
are being taken by the Union government in order to bring peace and development to the region
have already started showing their presence. The second edition of Khelo India Winter Games in
Gulmarg during March 2021 received popular support and recognition from the local population of
Kashmir valley and instilled the sense of belonging especially in the hearts of Kashmiri youth. As per
the reports published by one of trusted and local newspaper of Kashmir valley known as Greater
Kashmir, even the local militants who gave 3 up arms after 05 August 2019 have been rehabilitated
and have become a part of the national mainstream. Most of the local political leaders of Kashmir
who used to claim that if J&Ks special status is revoked no one will be left in Kashmir to hold the
tricolor  have been proven wrong as one can visit Gulmarg and other parts of Kashmir as well and he
will surely witness that how much Kashmiri youth have draped themselves in tricolor and are holding
it close to their heart. Union government of India has launched various development schemes in
Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir which include building state of the art sports infrastructure
which can be seen as the first step toward making India's presence felt in the international winter
games arena and also make Jammu and Kashmir a hub of winter sports. The Central government's
special scholarship scheme for Jammu and Kashmir students has helped many youth especially those
from poor family backgrounds to get admissions in colleges across the country and to ultimately
make the Kashmiri youth an inseparable part of the national mainstream. With a view to boost
tourism in Jammu and Kashmir and also to increase the footfall of Indian as well international
tourists to Kashmir in order to finally bring the Union Territory back again on India's tourism map, a
number of initiatives have been taken recently by the Union government of India and the
government of the Union Territory. One such initiative is opening up Asia’s largest Tulip Garden
known as Siraj Bagh for the public. The other such initiative is renovating and redesigning various
religious sites as well as the vital local markets in and around Srinagar under the Smart City project.
Among other developments, the first night flight has started operating from Srinagar Airport on 18
March 2021, marking the dawn of a new era indicating improvement in air connectivity to Jammu
and Kashmir with the rest of the country and this initiative itself will have a corresponding effect on
the increased footfall of tourists in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is, in this context,
very much relevant to point out that the decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status on

05 August 2021 and completely merge it into the Union of India, has already started paying
dividends in terms of economic growth and development of Kashmir valley. The biggest change that
Kashmir witnessed was the number of youth becoming a part of stone pelting mobs declined
manifold as new avenues are being opened up for Kashmiri youth at a faster rate

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