• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Residents of Paniala Doda still suffer from drinking water crisis


Jan 14, 2022

Doda / January 14 / Rahi Vijay sharma

A few days ago, a report on the water crisis in Paniala was circulating on various social media channels and it was published by various news agencies. However, some pipe bundles were distributed in Dar Mohalla, Paniala for repairs. But, unfortunately, some influential people tried to interfere in the said work and changed the atmosphere of brotherhood and peace in the whole village and the work was in vain.
Some unscrupulous people tried to divide our community on the basis of political parties, we demanded from the concerned authorities and PRI members but none of them fulfilled our expectations, the locals also alleged. That he belongs to a small neighborhood of Poniala. It is known as Dar Mohalla Paniala, so some political mafias treat them as fourth class. Locals also said that they came in contact with BDC Gandhana and DDC Gandhana as well as DC Doda but all to no avail. Locals added that we desperately need about five bundles of pipes to repair our damaged pipeline. Our young children and women used buckets and pots to carry water up to 1 km from there.
The locals have appealed to the concerned authorities and elected representatives to take notice of the matter as soon as possible or else they will take up the matter with the higher authorities.

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