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As usual public transport disappears after sun set in Srinagar


Nov 27, 2021

Srinagar, Nov 27: Authorities have been taking passengers for a ride as it has miserably filed to ensure evening transport facilities for the common commuters here in Kashmir capital Srinagar.

    “There is no mechanism, no regulation, no accountability. Officials think like them everyone owns a car but there are people like us who wander from one place to another to catch a vehicle to reach our homes after the sun set but to our dismay, we don’t find public transport plying after evening hours,” a group of passengers told news agency Kashmir News Trust.

   The absence of public transport on roads after sun-set is not new in Srinagar. Such complaints from commuters prop up every time and every time, officials promise of redressal of the problem and yet the problem persists.

    Passengers say the student community, office goers are facing hardships for years now, especially during winters but there is nobody who listen and address their grievance.

     “We recently approached transporters and they started talking about registered and unregistered routes. We fail to understand why to make such discrimination when people live everywhere. Is Chanapora a registered route and Harwan unregistered one. We fail to understand this logic,” the commuters said and blamed administration for the mess. (KNT)

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