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Pune-based fraudster befools KAS officer; dupes him of Rs One lakh cash


Aug 5, 2021

JAMMU: A KAS officer presently posted as Special Secretary in Hospitality and Protocol Department in J&K administration on Tuesday filed a complaint with Jammu City police alleging that a fellow passenger turned friend duped him of Rs One lakh by fraudulent means.

According to the police, the KAS officer Pawan Singh Rathore, Special Secretary, Hospitality and Protocol Department while travelling from New Delhi to Jammu, met with a co-passenger in Rajdhani Express and developed acquaintances, which eventually grew in a friendship and both kept meeting in Jammu Secretariat at frequent intervals.

The co-passenger turned friend Prasanna Ramachikar, resident of Pune, Maharashtra at present residing at Shillong, started visiting the KAS officer and kept boasting about his contacts in Delhi. He even elaborated about his links saying, that he is quite friendly with senior BJP leaders and ministers including Home Minister and Minister of Road Transport, due to which the KAS officer got impressed.

As the friendship took apparently firm roots, the fraudster Prasanna Ramachikar sought money from the KAS officer and succeeded in duping him of Rs One lakh cash.

Prasanna promised to return back the money next day as his contracts with J&K administration are being finalised.

During travel from Delhi to Jammu, when KAS officer developed friendship with Prasanna Ramachikar, the former MLA Balwant Singh Mankotia was also traveling in the same coach exact adjacent to the duo.

City police has registered a case and started investigations.

It is very strange that how the KAS officer gave him Rs One lakh cash as this much of amount cannot be given in cash.

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