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Nawabbagh: Village with extra ordinary in Sports activities


Aug 3, 2021

Suliman saith

Ganderbal Aug 3: The story of Nawabbagh ,small but extra ordinary when there is question of sports activities in the area.

Local boys have made international level turf at Nawabbagh Ganderbal. Present Ranjhi players have appreciated the turf.

Last year some young boys who have a good sports expertise have developed a piece of land into a play ground.

What was important that these boys have made a good turf there,where some RRanji level playes like Ahmad Umar Farooq Banday, Usman Pandith, IPL player Manzoor Dar have appreciated. The efforts of local boys and Sports Management Committee under the name of Sheikh Alam Sports Association Nawabbagh Ahmad Banday said this turf is at par with the turf made at international level.

He also said that in Kashmir Valley I have not seen such Turf wicket for which the management deserve kudos and appreciation.

Manzoori Dar also shared same ideas. While talking with one of the management body member ,he said that we have collected money from our own pockets developed this turf. We have purchased roller of Rs 30000/=.We have used three covers from last year to present times that costs Rs 10000/= . We need to utilise two labours on daily basis with curator skills to keep this turf playable.

We have arranged a continuous water supply to keep it intact. We are cleaning the whole ground on daily basis.

Fertilizer to keep greenery intact. Besides other infrastructure we have made hoarding and sign boards on the all sides of ground.

Other member said we have here tremendous talent only thing is need the infrastructure.

No body have come farward to assist, as from three years schools, colleges and varsities are closed for offline classes and boys are having a good time to sweat out in the play ground to increase their stamina and endurance.

To keep them away from drugs and other substance abuse the sports activities are most important. Pertinently to mention here that this Management have organised a cricket tournament with the theme anti-drug campaign ‘ . In this ground of Nawabbagh Ganderbal such sports activeties will continue with quality infrastructure and equipments.

In recent passed a new trend have been seen among boys and girls of UT like international cricketer and J-K Ranji Trophy skipper Parvez Rasool, footballer Afshan Ashiq, footballer Mehrajuddin Wadoo, cricketer Abdul Samad , IPL Manzoor Dar -are showing good performance in sports at the national and international levels and these local boys are showing their talent in these remotes places and are seeing themselves at par with these stars.

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